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We have a 24 hour email response team. Alternatively you can contact us on our Perth number during business hours to speak with a REAL person. Please ensure you have viewed our Help Pages for answers to your questions before contacting us.

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Sales: sales@cheapdomains.com.au
Help: help@cheapdomains.com.au
Accounts: accounts@cheapdomains.com.au
Server: servers@cheapdomains.com.au
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Perth: 08 9422 0833
Sydney: 02 9037 4085
Adelaide: 08 7123 2847
Melbourne: 03 9011 8428
Brisbane: 07 3123 5418
  If calling by mobile phone please use Perth number.

PO Box A2191 Sydney South New South Wales, 2000

Customer Care

Your satisfaction is most important to us. To lodge a customer care concern or to report abuse of our services, please email directly to customercare@cheapdomains.com.au.

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