Upgrade your domain name

What's so good about Premium DNS? Well...if you are looking to purchase a domain name or have a domain name, you can add a whole new dimension to its use; very very cheaply.

Already have a web site? With domain forwarding, you can forward your newly registered domain to your existing web site. For example, when a visitor types the new web address, www.mydomain.com.au, in their web browser, your existing web site appears.

You can forward your email to an address of your choice. For example, forward email sent to you@yourdomainname.com.au to your_other_email@hotmail.com. Also supports unlimited email aliases.

Now you can add new dimensions to your domain name using sub domains.  For example, you could use the sub domains info.yourdomain.com.au and buy.yourdomain.com.au for different types of user enquiry. Or you may want to use sub domains to advertise particular parts of your business.

To order Premium DNS, please select this option when you buy your domain name.  Or click below to upgrade to Premium DNS.

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