Domain Names

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How To

How to manage my domain name
How to change my name servers
How to update domain name contact details

Sales Questions

What's included with my Domain Name?
How do I register a Domain Name?
Are there any ongoing hidden fees?
How many domains can I register?
What if the name I want isn't available?
Can I register a brand name?
How long does my domain name take to approve?
I don't have a web site. Can I still register a domain?
How many characters can my domain name have?
Who can register domain names?
Who can register domain names?
What characters can be used in domain names?
Are there any hidden fees?
Does Cheap Domains have a reseller plan?
Why can't I buy a domain name that has expired?
Does the domain name registration include an e-mail address?
Can I register the domain name and hosting combined as one package?
When my domain name is parked with you, what will it display?

General Questions

How do I connect my domain to my website?
How do I point my domain to my hosting provider?
I've lost my password - what do I do?
My name servers won't update?
My domain name still appears to be available?
Can I make changes to all my domains at once?
How do I forward my domain to my site?
Why do I get Invalid Name Server error when I enter my name servers?

Domain Renewals

How do I renew my domain name?
My domain is in redemption, how to renew?

Domain Transfers

How do I transfer my domain name?
How long does a domain transfer take?
Where may I obtain my registry key?
Where may I obtain my UDAI key?
How to obtain your .AU domain key?
How to obtain your Auth Code password?
How to change the ownership of my domain?
How long does the change of ownership take?
My .com transfer hasn’t moved across. What have I done wrong?
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