Need more than standard web hosting?

Are you looking for a faster, more flexible solution than standard web hosting that can handle multiple web hosting accounts, multiple domains names with HUGE storage areas and ultra fast speeds? Then you need more resources than standard web hosting can offer.

Cheap Domains Australian Dedicated Virtual Servers give you all the POWER and CONTROL of a stand alone server without the expensive hardware and running costs. Get the performance you need and take control of server space today.

Recommended for:

Large traffic websites, multiple hosting accounts, mail servers, gaming servers, application servers, VOIP servers or personal servers.



Linux Dedicated Servers

Cheap Domains Linux Dedicated Virtual Servers are powered by the Virtuozzo for Linux platform which gives customers their own virtual Linux operating system to install their own software and manage their hosting environment themselves, at a fraction of the cost of a normal networked server.

All the Linux Dedicated Virtual Servers plans come complete with cPanel 11 and WHM control panel allowing you to manage all your domain names, email accounts, disk space and much more, through a user friendly web-based control panel.

Server Specs
Disk Space
Guaranteed RAM
Burstable RAM upto
Monthly Transfer
Operating System

Control Panel
Dedicated IP's
Admin Root Access
Power Management
Network Monitor 24/7
Standard Support
Instant FREE Setup
10 GB (10,000 MB)
256 MB
1 GB
50 GB
CentOS, Debian,
25 GB (25,000 MB)
512 MB
2 GB
CentOS, Debian,
50 GB (50,000 MB)
1 GB
3 GB
CentOS, Debian,
Managed Service Pack:  
only $45/mth
or $468/yr

only $75/mth
or $828/yr

only $169/mth
or $1,788/yr


The Performance

All Dedicated Virtual Servers are powered by DELL Enterprise Level servers for high-performance with the latest generation Multi Core Xeon processors to meet Cheap Domains standards for reliability and performance. Read more.

Full server control

The cPanel control panel is an excellent server management tool that lets you configure your server through a convenient web-based interface or take full control yourself with full root access SSH allowing you to install and run virtually anything on the server.

Resources and burstability guaranteed

We guarantee resources for each individual Dedicated Virtual Server.

Our innovative design, powered by Virtuozzo software, ensures that resources on the physical server are not over-allocated. No matter how much activity other Dedicated Virtual Servers generate, your Dedicated Virtual Server always gets the Guaranteed RAM resources allocated with available burstablity.

An affordable alternative to a standard server setup

Our Dedicated Virtual Server hosting solutions are completely isolated virtual environments.

Each Dedicated Virtual Server behaves exactly like a normal networked server with its own file systems, users, processes and scripts. You can run different applications on each Dedicated Virtual Server and the root user retains full control.

This makes our Dedicated Virtual Server technology a cost effective solution that saves you hardware related capital investments.

Web Hosting control panel

Using the world leading cPanel 11 software for Linux, you will be able to host and manage unlimited web sites on your dedicated server via the user friendly web-based control panel.

It allows you to control all aspects of your server, including: DNS, virtual hosts, cron jobs / scheduled tasks, web services, scripting software, statistics, monitor server performance, manage SSL certificates, setup / install / configure databases and activate scripting languages including PHP for example.

Web Hosting features include:

» Unlimited Subdomains
» Unlimited E-Mail accounts
» Unlimited FTP accounts
» Unlimited MySQL Databases
» Unlimited Mailing Lists
» And much much more..

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