Server Performance & Specifications

If you're running business-critical applications, websites or 24/7 e-commerce environments, you can't afford downtime or poor performance.

Powering our Server Farm are Power Edge M600 Blade servers utilising Power Edge MD3000 disk storage subsystems with practically unlimited disk storage capabilities from Dell, one of the most trusted names for high end enterprise level equipment.

Our server infrastructure is supported by a class leading Cisco based network. Configured with both performance and reliability in mind, our network is 99% redundant, meaning any single component in each major area of the network can fail and network connectivity remains completely unaffected.

Based on industry-leading, enterprise-class Quad Core Xeon processors, our web servers have the capability to deliver dynamic content at lightening speeds, critical for all web applications.
Industry standard DDR2 ECC RAM is the memory-of-choice for Intel Xeon based architectures. Ensuring the best in quantity and performance, we utilise a minimum of 32 GB of DDR2 ECC RAM in each of our server platforms.
Complementing the impressive power of our CPU/RAM combination are Seagate Cheetah 15,000 RPM Serial-Attached-SCSI hard disks. These drives ensure superior performance and reliability, complete with a hardware RAID 10 configuration maximizing data access performance while also maximizing redundancy.
Network Speed  

All servers are fitted, as standard, with two separate Gigabit network connections. Utilising ethernet bonding, (otherwise knows as NIC teaming) we achieve both a higher potential for performance and reliability.

SPEED TEST - Download test file.

99% Server Uptime Guarantee

Your Dedicated Virtual Server will reside in our state-of-the-art data centre connected to the Internet via high speed SLA backed fibre optic links that peer with major backbone providers. We also peer with local internet exchanges in your State in order to leverage ever more performance. This means we can offer you a 99% uptime network guarantee and 24 x 7 uninterrupted service.

Australia Data Centre

Additional to being connected to the CBD's "essential power grid", our state-of-the-art data centre has redundant 1+1 UPSs as well as N+1 under-floor air-conditioning systems. This ensures maximum reliability for supplied power, and ample cooling to ensure reliable operation of our systems.

Hardware Replacement Guarantee

In addition to our redundant systems, we also have service contracts with all major vendors for a 1 to 4 hour parts replacement. This means that in the event of a component failure, our redundant systems will kick in (meaning service continues uninterrupted), and the failed device will only be offline for a short time while we replace the failed components.

Additional to our replacement guarantee, we also keep spares for many components on hand meaning even faster replacement for a significant number of items.

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