Keep unwanted emails away from your inbox

The Premium Email Protection plan combines the power of built-in Anti-Virus with Anti-Spam to keep unwanted and harmful emails away from your inbox.

Available as an upgrade with all our Web Hosting and Email Hosting solutions.

Spam & Virus Protection

Cheap Domains provides Standard Email Protection with all Web Hosting and Email Hosting plans. Standard Email Protection provides basic, always-on protection and you can set it up manually from your hosting control panel.

Premium Email Protection plan is an upgrade which has the most comprehensive and effective email threat protection service in the world, with totally adjustable control over spam and viruses.

Premium Email Protection
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Increased Security
Ease of Use
Anti-Spyware (Attachments)
Dual Layer Virus Blocking
Decompression of Archives

Compatible with all email servers

The Email Protection system is a highly intelligent piece of hardware that handles all processing and filtering. One simple change to the (MX) records and your email is instantly flowing through this device. Email Protection frees resources, increases performance and reduces threats, because Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus are no longer processed on your computer or server.

99% satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee that the Premium Email Protection system will eliminate 99% of your incoming spam and viruses. If it doesn�t work to your satisfaction, we will fully refund the cost. Guarantee is valid for 7 days.

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